CH Pointsetter Flying Solo
dob 12-19-2009


Pointsetter Flying Solo

Ch Olde Ridge Hey! That's THe Way

Ch Ehrenvogel Place Your Bets

Ch Caijoy Foxtrot Tonight

Ch Kan-Point Destiny's The Reason JH

Ch Caijoy Pandora Of Ehrenvogel

Ch Ehrenvogel Grand Illusion

Ch Paladen's Stand To Reason

Ch Ehrenvogel Double Domino

Ch Olde Ridge On Second THought V Cheza

Ch Reflections Silver Cloud SH

Ch Riverside's Rock & Roll

Ch Kahalies Driving Miss Daisy

Ch Cheza's I Imagine This Is It

Ch Imagine Panamint's Pride JH

Ch Cheza's Mezza Luna

Ch Wynson's Morning Thunder "Thunder"

BISS Ch Prairiestar's MAverick "Brett"

Ch Richthofen's Mark Of Weinland

Ch Paladen Prairie Stardust

Ch Von Insel Twilight's Last Gleam

Ch Placer C'Ntry Rocket's Red Glare

Ch Birdlan'd Lil' Cali Baby

Ch Huntabird Bug's On The Run "Doc"

Ch Barrister Paladen Discovery

Ch Huntabird's Karla With A K JH

HOF BIS/BISS Ch Huntabird's Main Reason

BIS Ch Riverside's Moondust "Velvet"